The Ultimated Sign Of Burning Death (TAPE self-released 1985/LP, Urashima 2014)
No Sacrifice (TAPE self-released 1985 /LP, Urashima 2016)
Bleeding Wounds/Only Fear Will Survice (TAPE, Ladd-Frith 1986) split with NEUROTIC YOUTH
Vidna Obmana/The Thunder Orchestra (TAPE, Ladd-Frith 1987) split with THE THUNDER ORCHESTRA
The Face That Must Die (TAPE/CD, Old Captain 1987)
Burnpassion/Inferno (7”, Climax Productions 1988) split with A THUNDER ORCHESTRA
Monument Of Empty Colours (TAPE, The Decade Collection 1989) with PBK
Depression And Ideal (TAPE, Freedom In A Vaccum 1989) with PBK
Gathering In Frozen Beauty (TAPE, The Decade Collection 1989)
Revealed By Composed Nature (LP, The Decade Collection 1990 / CD, Hic Sunt Leones 1993 / CD, Zoharum 2021)
Near The Flogging Landscape (TAPE, Violet Glass Oracle Tapes 1990)
The Music Of Her Sleep/Towards The Enfolding Flower (TAPE, The Decade Collection 1990) split with PBK
Refined On Gentle Clouds (TAPE, Direction Music 1991)
Fragments #3 (TAPE, ND 1991) split with PBK
Passage In Beauty (CD, The Decade Collection 1991)
Shadowing In Sorrow (CD, The Decade Collection 1992)
Terrace Of Memories (CD, Projekt 1992) with SAM ROSENTHAL
Ending Mirage (CD, ND 1993)
Echoing Delight (CD, Extreme 1993)
Parallel Flaming (CD, Multimood Records 1993) with DJEN AJAKAN SHEAN
Soundtrack For The Aquarium (CD, Antwerp Zoo 1993) split with HYBRYDS
The Transcending Quest (3” CD, Amplexus 1994 / 10” Silentes 2019)
The Spiritual Bonding (CD, Extreme 1994)
Still Fragments (CD, ND 1994)
Memories Compiled 1 (2xCD, Projekt 1994)
Well Of Souls (2xCD, Projekt 1995) with STEVE ROACH
Untitled (CD, Syrenia 1995) with ASMUS TIETCHENS
The Trilogy (3xCD, Projekt 1996 / 3xCD, Zoharum 2018)
Twilight Of Perception (CD, Projekt 1996)
The River Of Appearance (CD, Projekt 1996 / 2xCD, Projekt 2006 / CD, Zoharum 2021)
Cavern Of Sirens (CD, Projekt 1997) with STEVE ROACH
Crossing The Trail (CD, Projekt 1998)
Memories Compiled 2 (2xCD, Projekt 1998)
Landscape In Obscurity (CD, Hypnos 1999)
Variations For Organ, Keyboard & Processors (CD, Multimood Records 1999) with WILLEM TANKE
The Shape Of Solitude (CD, Multimood Records 1999 / CD, Zoharum 2020) with SERGE DEVADDER
Spirits (CD, Highgate 1999) with JAN MARMENOUT
Motives For Recycling (2xCD, Soleilmoon 1999) with ASMUS TIETCHENS
True Stories (CD, Mirage 1999) with JEFF PEARCE
Ascension Of Shadows (3xCD, Projekt 1999) with STEVE ROACH
The Surreal Sanctuary (CD, Hypnos 2000 / 2xCD + The Contemporary Nocturne, Zoharum 2018)
The Contemporary Nocturne (CD, Hypnos 2000 / 2xCD + The Surreal Sanctuary, Zoharum 2018)
Live Archive (CD, Groove 2000) with STEVE ROACH
Echo Passage (CD, Musica Maxima Magnetica 2000 / CD, Projekt 2006) with ALIO DIE
Soundtrack For The Aquarium (2xCD, Hypnos 2001 / CD, Zoharum 2019)
Tremor (CD, Relapse Records 2001)
Subterranean Collective (2xCD, Projekt 2001)
Innerzone (CD, Projekt 2002) with STEVE ROACH
Isolation Trip/Path Of Distortion (7”, Klanggalerie 2002)
Deep Unknown (CD, BrannanLane Music 2002) with BRANNAN LANE
Tracers (CD, Klanggalerie 2002 / CD, Zoharum 2020) with DAVID LEE MYERS
An Opera For Four Fusion Works / Act One : Echoes Of Steel (CD, Hypnos 2002) with DREAMS IN EXILE
The Shifts Recyclings (2xCD, Soleilmoon Recordings 2002) with ASMUS TIETCHENS
Spore (CD, Relapse Records 2003)
Tracers (CD, Klanggalerie 2003 / CD, Zoharum 2020) with DAVID LEE MYERS
Legacy (CD, Relapse Records 2004)
An Opera For Four Fusion Works / Act Two : Phrasing The Air (CD, Hypnos 2004) with BILL FOX
Spirit Dome (CD, Projekt 2004) with STEVE ROACH
Anthology 1984-2004 (CD, Projekt/ikon 2004)
Noise/Drone Anthology 1984-1987 (CD, Projekt/ikon 2005)
Gluttony (CD, Hands Productions 2005) with KLINIK
Somewhere Else (CD, Projekt 2005) with STEVE ROACH
An Opera For Four Fusion Works / Act Three : Reflection On Scale (CD, Hypnos 2006) with KENNETH KIRSCHNER
An Opera For Four Fusion Works / Act Four : The Bowing Harmony (CD, Hypnos 2007) with STEVEN WILSON
An Opera For Four Fusion Works (4xCD, Hypnos 2007) with DREAMS IN EXILE, BILL FOX, KENNETH KIRSCHNER, STEVE WILSON
Testament Of Tape 1984-1987 (3xLP box-set, Vinyl On Demand 2009)
Spirit Dome/Live Archive (2xCD, Projekt 2009) with STEVE ROACH
Chasing The Odyssee 1987 – 2007 (8xLP box-set, Tonefloat 2011)
The Circuit Abstract (12”, Tonefloat 2012)
Memories Compiled : Three Tapes (3xCD, Zoharum 2022)